Collection: Ladies' Body and Mind Toning

Maca , according to studies, helps improve mood and endocrine, and also has the effect of balancing hormones. Researches have shown that it can reduce depression, anxiety, relieve hot flashes, night sweats and improve sleep quality. Maca can also help restore physical strength and make you full of energy when you wake up.

Red Maca is the most suitable one for women and tastes the best among all Maca. Its natural phytochemical components can greatly improve and regulate female body condition.

Aguaje is a sweet and sour fruits distributed in Peru's Amazon region. In recent years, it has been highly recommended by the Peruvian Tourism Bureau. Aguaje has higher Vitamin A than carrot and spinach , and have high amount of Vitamin C and E. Natural and healthy phytoestrogens also have a very positive effect on women both internally and externally.