2024年Mar 8-10 Veg Food Asia 
Thank you to everyone who attended the Vegetarian Food Asia 2024  at Wan Chai CEC. We appreciate the opportunity to participate and showcase our offerings.

Special thanks to all our customers and friends who stopped by our booth – your support means the world to us.We're particularly grateful for the emphasis on vegan food and environmental friendliness at the event. 

In this challenging economic climate, it's not easy to manage a business, but we were pleasantly surprised by the support provided to every visitor.

Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone again next year! 

2023年 Feb 17-19  Veg Food Asia

The three-day Vegetarian Food Asia expo was held on February 17, and this year’s has broke a record with 52,379 visitors. Thank you to all the old and new customers who drop by, and able to try our Peruvian health food at the venue.
2023 Veg Food Asia detail:
Booth: J11
Date: 2023 Feb 17-19

2022 October 10 Superfood Tea -  North Point Cafe

[North Point Cafe - Camu Camu Roselle Tea] 

A popular cafe at North Point is now introducing its new beautifying tea - Camu Camu Roselle Tea!

Try their new tea if you are tired of Americanos!

The new tea includes PachamamaHK's superfood, Peruvian Camu Camu.

In addition to being delicious and refreshing, it also has the function of skin whitening and anti-aging!

Beutifying Tea - Camu Camu Roselle Tea

-Improve skin health, and skin whitening

-Strengthen immunity

-Liver care

-Reduce fat absorption

Opening Hours:11:30-18:00 (Close on Monday)

Reservation: WhatsApp 5362 8802

📍1A, 60 Tanner Road, North Point


[2022 Sept at Wanchai HKCEC]

Pachamama HK's first showcase in Wanchai HKCEC SportsExpo 2022, organised by Sportsoho.
We appreciate for all newcomers and current customers who dropped by, so that we can demonstrate a natural alternative to local athletes for better performance.

Sportsexpo detail:
Booth: D20
Date: Sept 10 -12 (Saturday to Monday, Mid-Autumn Festival)
Time: 10:00 - 1900
More photos:


[Red Maca in Mooncakes! A healthy alternatives for your Mid Autumn Festival!]

Have you ever considered a healthy and low calories mooncake over the Mid-autumn Festival?

Pachamama HK presents to you the limited edition, the Superfood Mooncake, by 21 grams pastry. Fresh ingredients are used, comes with Peruvian natural health food, Red Maca and Acai Berry. Start your loving Mid-autumn festival by sharing our Superfood Mooncakes!

A box of Pachamama Superfood Mooncake includes:

~Maca Taro Mochi mooncake~

Ingredients: Local fresh Taro and Peruvian Red Maca
Red Maca can 1) Balance Hormones 2) Replenish Strength 3) Calm and good sleep  

~Acai Pineapple mooncake ~

Ingredients: Taiwanese Pineapple and Peruvian Acai Berry

Acai Berry can 1) Improve intestinal health 2) Anti-aging 3) Reduce inflammation

All natural ingredients | No additives or preservatives

Weight: Around 50g each
Calories: Around 80kcal each

Discovery Bay - Handmade Hong Kong Mother's Day Market
Thanks for Everyone who bought and asked about our Peruvian Health food! You will be seeing us again somewhere soon. Stay tuned!