Where do the products come from?

  • They come from Peru. And they are produced, packed in Peru, without going through other countries.

How is the quality of the product?

  • The products are inspected by Control Union before export to ensure that they meet the requirement. And the manufacturer is approved by the Peru Tourism Bureau. Our products are strictly managed, and in order to achieve natural, no additives and no genetic modification.

How is it different from other well-known websites?

  • Our products come from the origin, Peru, South America. And most of the others Super Food come from the United States or are produced in China. Because it comes from the origin, our products must be natural and unnecessary for re-processing or genetic modification.

How is your healthy food different from other healthy supplements? Is it medicine?

  • Our product are all natural food. Assuming that an apple is air-dried and grounded into a powder, and then placed into a vacuum bag for a longer preservation and more convenient to consume. Some supplements are not just unnatural, but also have a large amount of additives in order to achieve a short term goal.

Are there any side effects?

  • Since it is not a health medicine or supplement, consuming properly has no side effects. Just like ordinary fruits and vegetables, they must be combined with a balanced diet. Each product has a recommended serving size, which is according to a person's daily needs.

Why are some powders and some vegetarian capsules?

  • The powdered form is more convenient to be added to drinks and foods. For example, Acai Berries are often used in Acai Bowl. The vegetarian capsules are for people with targeted effects and are more convenient to use, such as consuming before and after exercise.

Is it a Hong Kong company?

  • 100% Hong Kong.

Which logistics company to use?

  • At present, SF Hong Kong is selected, and you can choose a pick up points or being delivered to your home.