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Aguaje Veg Capsule, 100caps

Aguaje Veg Capsule, 100caps

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Aguaje is distributed in Peru's Amazon region and produces sweet and sour fruit. In recent years, it has been highly recommended by the Peruvian Tourism Bureau. Aguaje fruit has higher Vitamin A than carrot and spinach and it has high amount of Vitamin C, E. Natural and healthy phytoestrogens also have a very positive effect on women both internally and externally.

Function of Aguaje:

  • Maintain skin moisture and reduce roughness

  • Naturally make women's body shape more ideal and curvy

  • Whitens and helps reduce scars

  • Relieves the side effects of menopause in women

Product Information:

  • 100 vegetarian capsules, 400mg Natural Aguaje fruit
  • Grown in Peru Ucayali, Amazon region
  • Made in and Export from Peru
  • Approved manufacturer by Peru Tourism Bureau
  • Gluten-free, no genetic modification, no additives, vegan
  • Suggested use:Use 2 capsules after meal, 2-3 times a day.

*For adults only. If you are pregnant or receiving other medications, please consult your doctor for advice before use. Please stop using if you feel unwell.

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