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Black Maca Veg Capsule (Gelatinised), 100 caps

Black Maca Veg Capsule (Gelatinised), 100 caps

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Maca is an ancient natural food, and Black Maca is the most valuable. The yield of Black Maca is small and the nutrition is much higher than other colors of maca. It is most suitable for people who work long hours and need to maintain their energy and strength.

Therefore, organic, no processing and no genetic modification black Maca becomes precious.

Human body has a higher absorption rate of gelatinisation Maca, reaching more than 90%. Hence, more nutrients can be absorbed. For more detail.

Black Maca Benefits:

  • Regulate physiological functions, reduce fatigue and enhance vitality and endurance

  • Improve brain function, concentration and memory

  • Relieve emotions, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve sleep quality

  • Improve male fertility and significantly strengthen sperm quality

Product Information:

  • 100 vegetarian capsules, 500mg organic gelatinized black maca
  • Planted on the Junin Plateau, 4000 meters above sea level in Peru
  • Peru production and export
  • U.S. USDA and EU organic certification
  • Approved manufacturer by Peru Tourism Authority
  • Gluten-free, no genetic modification, no additives, vegan
  • Suggested use:Use at least 3 capsules after a meal, 9 capsules per day to speed up the effect.

*For adults only. If you are pregnant or receiving other medications, please consult your doctor for advice before use. Please stop using if you feel unwell.

*Although the ingredients are natural, It is not recommended for breastfeeding women who are under treatment and patients with thyroid disease.

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