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Pachamama Hong Kong

2g Wooden Teaspoon

2g Wooden Teaspoon

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Introducing the Pachamama Hong Kong 2 Gram Wooden Teaspoon – the perfect blend of sustainability and functionality. 

Crafted from premium wood, this reusable spoon embodies eco-conscious living. Its handy design makes it an ideal companion for your daily or on-the-go needs. 

The 2-gram capacity ensures precise measurements, making it an essential tool for portioning health powders effortlessly.

The spoon's small size and charming aesthetic make it not only practical but also visually appealing. The warmth of the wood adds a touch of nature to your daily rituals. What sets this wooden teaspoon apart is the subtle engraving of the company's name, 'Pachamama Hong Kong,' showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity.

Say goodbye to disposable plastic and embrace a sustainable lifestyle with this wooden teaspoon.  Elevate your daily health experience with the Pachamama Hong Kong 2 Gram Wooden Teaspoon – where practicality meets eco-friendly elegance.

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