Mid Autumn Superfood Mooncake

[Red Maca in Mooncakes! A healthy alternatives for your Mid Autumn Festival!]

Have you ever considered a healthy and low calories mooncake over the Mid-autumn Festival?

Pachamama HK presents to you the limited edition, the Superfood Mooncake, by 21 grams pastry. Fresh ingredients are used, comes with Peruvian natural health food, Red Maca and Acai Berry. Start your loving Mid-autumn festival by sharing our Superfood Mooncakes!

A box of Pachamama Superfood Mooncake includes:

~Maca Taro Mochi mooncake~

Ingredients: Local fresh Taro and Peruvian Red Maca
Red Maca can 1) Balance Hormones 2) Replenish Strength 3) Calm and good sleep  

~Acai Pineapple mooncake ~

Ingredients: Taiwanese Pineapple and Peruvian Acai Berry

Acai Berry can 1) Improve intestinal health 2) Anti-aging 3) Reduce inflammation

All natural ingredients | No additives or preservatives

Weight: Around 50g each
Calories: Around 80kcal each