Pachamama HK x Dragon Boat Team Vagabond

Dragon boat racing is a physically demanding traditional sport that requires combinations of mental and physical strength, endurance, resilience, and determination to succeed. Athletes need to build up their performance through regular training, as well as proper nutrition and hydration.

Mindset plays a crucial role in dragon boat racing, as it helps athletes maintain a positive attitude and remains focused on their goals. 

Endurance is also essential in dragon boat racing. It requires paddling for long distances and continuous effort. 

Resilience is another key trait that can help athletes overcome challenges and setbacks, and they are better able to bounce back and stay focused on their goals.

Focus is essential in dragon boat racing. Athletes need to stay fully determined and focused on the team's rhythm. 
Pachamama HK is hoping Hong Kong people can stay healthy and positive, to enjoy a better life quality and counter all difficulties, just like how dragon boat athletes strive for excellence on the sea.//

Credit to: @vagabonddbhk