The difference between Gelatinised Maca and others

Experiments have shown that the human body has a higher absorption rate of gelatinisation Maca, reaching more than 90%.

unprocessed maca is difficult to be absorbed by our body, whether in hot water or by cooking.

Gelatinisation is when the maca is boiled and starch absorbs a lot of water and expands during special method of cooking.

At the same time release the nutrients contained in Maca, such as: minerals such as iron, calcium, iodine or magnesium.

And then pressurised in order to remove all starch content and water, while keeping all the nutrients of maca.

In summary, gelatinised maca's nutritional value and absorption rate are higher than ordinary maca. It is healthier for our body.

Therefore, maca advertised as "natural" and "unprocessed" does not really benefit your health, like we don't eat raw potatoes either.