Camu Mulled Wine

Camu Mulled Wine

【Camu Mulled Wine】


How can Christmas without Mulled Wine?
We have brought you a healthier version, Camu Mulled Wine, which turns out to be even tastier!
Merry Christmas to everyone! Try it out!

-Camu Camu
-Economic red wine
-Oranges and other fruits
-Star Anise, Clove, Cinnamon
-Black Sugar (or other sugar)

Step1: Bring the red wine into simmer with medium heat, without boiling

Step2: Combine the fruits and herbs. Wait until it heats up

Step3: Put in black sugar (or other sugar). Stir until it melts

Step4:Cover it and cook with low heat for 30 mins

Step5:Add in Camu Camu for more flavour and nutrients. Turn off the heat

Nutritional mulled wine is read to serve!

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